Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Week #8 of the Blog Poll Top 25 was published!

I forgot to mention this earlier on, the holiday rush got to us too! Week #8 of the Bloggers BlogPoll Top 25 has been published at Vegas Watch. This was last week's poll. This week's poll will be published in the next few hours.

There you can see there the final result as well as how each participating blogger voted using the free Google Docs - you can open the worksheet in your browser and see how each one of the bloggers voted!

How about this week's poll? I submitted my vote last night and as I mentioned earlier I put Clemson in the Top 25 for the first time this year! Other "surprises": Louisville is back at #21 based on how well they play with Juan Diego Tello Ramon Rodrigo Alfonso Palacios and David "I wanted to play for Ole Roy" Padgett. Arizona remains as their loss at home to Oregon was "discounted" by the absence of Jerryd Bayless. Oklahoma is at #19 as they are now starting to play Capel-ball. He is not that bad for a Dookie after all. The further he stays away from Durham, the more the Coach Krapola effect will wear out :-)

After their "onions" win at Clemson, I gave UNC the nod for #1, with the Calipari Tigers at #2, and as much as I hate the Ben Howland slugfest style of play, they are hard to beat, so I gave them the #3 spot. Another team that has shown they can find ways to win games is Georgetown at #4. A team (and a coach) that has not shown they can win games that really really matter but has plenty of talent is Kansas, which is why they are #5.

The rest of the teams were ranked but the votes were just too close to call at the moment. If I ranked them four hours later, I can guarantee you, it would have been a different ranking for sure!

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