Friday, January 04, 2008

Oregon State at Arizona

It was a relatively sleepy game for a conference opener, with Arizona doing their patented thing, falling behind in the second half and then finding a run in the second half to take the game. As the FSN-Arizona announcers called them, they are the "archeological" cats because they "dig" themselves early in games.

Nic "Hoops" Wise had some Tywon Lawsonesque moments in terms of game impact during the game, and Jordan Hill put up some solid numbers, while Budinger and McClellan continued to underachieve without Bayless, yet do enough for the Wildcats to get the win.

Jay John does not have a bad team, but he has the worse team in the Pac-10. Regardless of how good the Pac-10 maybe, you never want to be #10 out of 10. However, there is hope for the Beavs. Power freshman Omari Johnson is just getting started and Moody Blues Jayhawk CJ Giles is just warming up after his transfer (he did not play against Arizona because of a suspension). However given all the transitions, Oregon State should probably be happy with a CBI bid. CBI being the new post-season tournament, the College Basketball Invitational that picks up the teams that don't make the post-season NIT.

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