Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week #10 of the Blog Poll Top 25 was published earlier on!

Week #10 of the Blogger's Poll top 25 was published earlier this week, in Google Doc format, so all the readers can read what each voter voted. We have complete transparency in the blogger's poll!

We were running behind schedule this week so we did not submit a vote for NCAA Hoops Today, so the aggregate poll vote is not as crazy this week ;-)

The Calipari Tigers edged the Ole Roy TarHeels by two first place votes and captured the #1 spot. Kansas received two first place votes and finished at #3. Kansas continues to impress, but my big question is: Bill Self has never gone past the Elite 8. Can he do it? :)

UCLA's neo-slugfest and Tennessee's Pearl-crazy style of play round-up the top 5, with Duke stinking up the #6 spot and Bennett's neo-slugfest taking up #7.

Butler continues to get mid-major love, despite the fact that they are a mid-major-conference team and coached by a fifteen year old assistant ;-)

Dayton at #14 leads a wave of three A-10 schools into the top 25, while Drake, a team composed of Daleks, makes its BlogPoll Top 25 debut at #23.

In the inflated balloon department we have Miami at #24, Clemson at #25. If I was voting, they could have been voted out!!! Arggggg!

After a quick look I noticed that Looooeyville did not receive any votes. After this week's performance you can bet a number of bloggers will be adding it to their top 25. But can they stay healthy (Padgett, Palacios) and can they stay out of trouble (Caracter, Clark)? I think as long as they have three of those four they will be fine.

My upcoming vote will weigh that in and Lewisville will get a top 20 vote from this crazy blog!

If you want to join the blogger's poll, just ask any of the participating bloggers! The website addresses of all participating blogs can be found in the BlogPoll Vote doc - just click on the blog name!

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