Monday, January 28, 2008

USC at Oregon

USC jumped on to a lead and was so comfortable at Mac Court that Daniel Hackett was making "adjustments" in the middle of the court!

But the Nike Ducks came back when many thought all was lost. And it wasn't the run and gun, but rather Ernie Kent's hack-a-Trojan strategy, combined with a barrage of three pointers made. And it worked! The Nike Ducks made a comeback and tied the game and sent it to overtime.

After a brief scoreboard technobabble delay, the game tipped off, and the delay gave Tim Floyd time to broker a deal on the dark side of the moon, and every three pointer the Trojans took, even the wild ones, were on target. But strangely Ernie Kent did not go to the Hack-a-Trojan strategy during the overtime, and USC went back to So-Cal with a sweep.

The game started with a promise of an exciting game, then devolved into a slugfest, but picked up in the second half and turned dramatic towards the end.

So what does this mean for Oregon? Well for one thing they have to start accumulating wins. The good performances are not good enough. But having said that, this team could have beaten UCLA - if Malik Hairston did not miss the last quarter due to injury - or if the zebras did not allow UCLA to play multiple-foul per possession defense. Essentially the UCLA loss, counted for two, since that loss carried over in the USC game (and that's what Ernie Kent said).

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