Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gonzaga at Memphis

Gonzaga played about as well as team could play in a loss at the home of a recently crowned #1 team. Despite the loss, GoneZaga earned a lot of basketball "cred" with the way they played, reacted and adjusted to the Calipari onslaught. It was interesting to see that Few started the three tough cookies (Pargo, Pendo, Bouldin) even though the Moody Blues Duo would have given him a lot more offense.

Memphis once again showed a little bit of everything. It's really hard to pin-point whether this team has the patterns of a national champion or an elite 8 team. The zone was once again something that baffled the Tigers, and the free throws unpredictability is a dangerous thing when faced with tougher opponents away from home.

I've seen both of Memphis games this week, and it hasn't made my choice for #1 any easier. Kansas or Memphis? I may have to resort to running a very complicated algorithm, commonly referred to as "the coin toss" ;-)

Meanwhile Jimmy Dykes got a couple of good lines, "Few Fighters", and "Mother in Law defense" - not to be confused with "Brother in Law" defense or Phil Jackson's Brokeback Mountain defense.

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