Friday, January 04, 2008

Time to go to six fouls or get rid of the foul-out rule altogether

The players are getting bigger, stronger, thicker, faster. The court is not getting bigger. The fouls keep piling up and make exciting games turn into ugly substitution-fests. Let's face it, the purpose of the game is to play the game, not for the coaches to play "monopoly" with fouls.

It is high time to either go to six fouls or get rid of the foul-out rule altogether. Even boring 0-0 soccer doesn't foul out players! Even violence-fest soccer with helmets (NFL football) does not foul out players.

Wake up and smell the roses! Fix the foul-trouble troubles!


Anonymous said...

That's just silly. Even the pros have foul out rules, why in the world should you be able to foul indefinitely at the college level? What sparked this crazy idea?

ncaahoops said...

Because we want the best players to play on the court, not let the game be decided by overzealous zebras. A number of games were "ruined" by silly foul troubles!

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