Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Week #12 of the BlogPoll Top 25 has been published!

Week #12 of the growing BlogPoll Top 25 has been published. Also available in Google Doc, it shows the final vote, the average rank of each team, and how each blogger voted!

The Calipari Tigers are at #1, while the Bucknell Jayhawks are a close second. The two Tobacci road teams follow, with the multiple-fouls-per-possession Bruins at #5. Last team in? Jim Calhoun's "spirited" and "computed" Huskies! Last team out? St. Mary's, whose Monday loss sent it to a downward spiral, and out of the top 25!

For a list of participating bloggers, visit the Intro to the BlogPoll Top 25 post. If you are a college hoops blogger and interested in jumping aboard, just let any of the participating bloggers know, or go directly to our fearless blogpoll commissioner at March to Madness.

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