Tuesday, January 15, 2008

UConn at Georgetown

Oh boy! The game started choppy but it turned into a game of the year nominee by the time it was all said and done! UConn had a great game, with Jim Calhoun not coaching due to a health related issue. Coincidence or not? Perhaps Blaney is able to get the players to perform better - his personality is diametrically (I was told to use this word, I don't know what it means) opposed to that of Calhoun.

In a sense this game was a mini-version of the 2007 Elite 8, where UConn has a nice lead, but in the last couple of minutes Georgetown toughed up and won the game! And how did they win the game? Hibbert for three!

This was a good game for both teams, UConn is starting to play to their potential and hype, and Georgetown continues to win games, even though they may not look as pretty or impressive street-ball-wise as some of the other top 10 teams.

Moving Austin Freeman in the starting line-up was a great move by the new Yoda of college basketball coaches (JT 3). Patrick Ewing is more suited for an energy role off the bench, while Freeman gives them more versatility on both ends of the court.

On top of that Georgetown has a solid nine-man rotation to use, which can be great in an NCAA tourney situation with foul trouble or injuries or match-up difficulties. I have no doubt that this Georgetown team is at least an Elite 8 team, with reasonable chances of making it to the Final Four again, and quite possibly to the Real Big Monday game!

Rantology: Why we need six fouls or more
This game was another indication that games are affected and ruined by foul calls. The game of basketball should be decided by the players on the court, not by over-zealous trigger-happy zebras. This was a classic game of two seven footers. People tuned in to watch them. The teams prepared for the games. The two seven-footers NEEDED this game for their own basketball development. Why let three zebras with a pea in their mouth affect their playing time? This is ridiculous!

Memo to the frozen in evolution giant spiders at the NCAA: Move to six fouls or get rid of the whole fouling out! The game has evolved, it's time for the rules to evolve to catch up with the game! Just like we are not playing with peach baskets, and we added things like the three pointer. Evolve and intelligently design the rules! Stop being "statusists!".

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