Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anthony Grant, don't take the Alabama job!

We offer unsolicited advice, and we think that Anthony Grant is better off staying at VCU than taking a risk at football-heavy Alabama. There will be other, better, basketball jobs opening that would be a better match for Anthony Grant. We don't think Alabama would be a good career move for him. We want him to go somewhere where he can play and beat Duke on an annual basis :)


Anonymous said...

Ok, I was all ready to hear some intelligent retort to why Anthony Grant should not take the Alabama job, and why Alabama is not a good place to rise in a major sports conference. Now I am still dissapointed. You say that he should wait to go to a place where he can coach a team to bead Duke on a regular basis? You mean Duke, in North Carolina, Coach K, the Blue Devils? You lost me there sparky, no one beats Duke on a regular basis, and I am a Tar Heals fan. Erase & try again, I can't even grade your paper.

ncaahoops said...

Sounds like a Duke fan pretending to be a UNC fan to me :-)

Anthony Grant is 1-0 against Duke and Coach Ratface Devil-K :) He has the silver bullet!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll try to explain this again. I'll even type slower for you. You said "regular basis". No one, not even the Carolina Blue beats Duke on a "regular basis". No, I am not a Duke fan, but highly respect what Coach K has done, and love the ACC. If you knew anything about the best rivalry in College Basketball, you would know that a formidable opponent like Duke helps make it what it is. If it was a runover, it wouldn't be a rivalry.

I still want to know what school you think he could take to beat Duke on a "regular basis", and why @ Alabama he couldn't recruit Atlanta & win the SEC. If Mark Godfried can do it (which he did), why couldn't Grant? Alabama is a spotlight school, especially as long as Nick Saban is there. The SEC is waiting to be taken over again by an up & commer.

ncaahoops said...

It looks like you don't know anything about the Carolina rivarly! Roy Williams has been beating Duke regularly, look at the records! :)

Anthony Grant is undefeated against the dirty dookies, I see no reason why he would ever lose to them based on past performance!

Anthony Grant has a much higher potential than Alabama. He has stardom written all over him! He shouldn't waste his career at a football school with a ceiling in basketball.

He is the Barack Obama of up-and-coming young coaches!

Florida may open, and a number of other high profile jobs as well once the coaching carousel starts spinning :)

Anonymous said...

Well as a BAMA fan, I WELCOME Anthony Grant to the family. While it is true that Football will always rule at the Capstone, the alumni & fans really want a winning basketball program and I think the salary, the new practice facility, and possibility of a new arena in the near future shows a commitment to the program.

Coach G will be successful at Bama and Bama will support and love him for it!

Anonymous said...

I did look at the records, Roy Williams is 7-5 vs. Duke as the Carolina coach.

Oh, btw, Anthony Grant is the new Head Coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide Basketball Program. Roll Tide!

ncaahoops said...

From Alabama's perspective, it is a great hire for Alabama, and they should be thrilled they got him because I think he is a coach with a very high ceiling.

He is very business-like yet young enough that he can relate with today's players, making it a great combination.

High ceiling also means that once he has some success, other programs will come calling.

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