Saturday, March 28, 2009

Villanova rewarded with a trip to the Final Four!

Despite the zebras and the NCAA trying to "punish" Nova with phantom fouls for humiliating their precious Dookies, the Wildcats were able to persevere and manage to take the "W" out of the hands of the Pitt Panthers and make it the Final Four! Go Nova Go! Thank you Nova for beating the Dookies!

Pitt, Pitt, Pitt! This was the year, with space-eater DJ Blair and versatile Sam Young and seasoned fattie LaVache Fields to make a run to the Final Four. The versatility of Nova across the board and the coaching skills of Jay Wright and his ability to make adjustments at critical junctions of the game, showed once again how the Ben Howland and Jamie Dixon success story is inflated based on their ability to foul teams and get away with it.

We love DJ Blair and Sam Young but the rest of the Pitt team just sucks. It's not enough for your four-year point guard to just wake up at the end of the game and hit miracles threes. Because those don't always drop in, and that's certainly not how you win championships.

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