Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bob Thuggins outpunks the Pitt Slugfestors

"Take that", Bob Huggins fans would say to his critics. He took over a "wine and cheese" team in the Big East and he has managed to make the most out of their talent level. And not only that, he managed to stone and dethrone the Pitt Panthers, the team that terrorized everyone in the Big East.

Granted, his team lost to them twice during the regular season, but this was a single-elimination game, and the Pitt Panthers were simply not competitive. And it just goes to show, that when they are not allowed to out-muscle the other team, and they have to beat them purely with basketball plays, well, Pitt is just not that good.

Another group of fans celebrating the result of this game, for a different reason, are PitinoVille fans. Pitt bounced the Cardinals out of the Big East tournament that last few years, so without Pitt in the way, the sky is the limit for Louisville ;-)

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