Monday, March 16, 2009

Strange gender-biased comment by Bob Knight

ESPN has been able to keep Bob Knight under control, or at least Bob Knight has been able to keep himself under control, presumably because he is interviewing for the next big BCS opening that will become available in the next couple of years and would be interested in taking a look at him.

So it came to us as a surprise on Sunday night, during ESPN's analysis of the brackets, when Knight made a strange gender-divide comment. He suggested that the selection committees should be having men for the men's tourney and women for the women's tourney, because (of some strange backwards good-ole-boy thinking that) women are mostly interested in women hoops and men are mostly interested in men's hoops.

How sad! What is this? A locker room where you have to divide people by gender? It's bad enough that men have been making the rules for many years and restricted the growth of women sports. Not to mention that a huge percentage of women sports coaches are men, while 0% of men's coaches are women.

I hope when Bob Knight returns home his wife grabs him by the ear and yells at him for a whole week!

I would rather have a basketball-savvy person like Doris Burke on the men's selection committee, than some random male AD or commissioner who has a limited knowledge of basketball! Or that idiot from the SEC who doesn't even know that men's college basketball has an exhibition season. He repeated the same comment last night, so it was clearly not a slip of the tongue.

For the above comment, Bob Knight, you are the worst person in the wooooooooooooooooooooooooorld!


jim said...

from what you said you agree with coach you can let women do the women games with no men sounds good to me and then maybe you take off the women sideline reporters for the men games

ncaahoops said...

Did you actually read what it says above? :)

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