Friday, March 20, 2009

So much for Todd Bozeman being "reformed"

Sure, Todd Bozeman is reformed. Which is why his thug-player tossed the college player of the year Blake Griffin in the air WWF-style, risking a major injury. So, Todd Bozeman is teaching "thug defense". So much for Bozeman being "reformed". F-U Morgan State, you are the worse team in the NCAA tourney!

It is time for the NCAA to say "ENOUGH!" to all the thuggish plays, from elbows, wrestling moves, face-steps, "goons", scrambled eggs and things like that.

And there is a simple way to clean things up: Give out hard penalties until people stop doing it. It won't take much for the "goons" and the "goon coaches" to "get it".

And by hard penalties I don't mean just a couple of game suspensions, but ten games or more depending on the severity. Heck, even if it such an unsportsmanship conduct, take away their scholarship, and take away NCAA money from the university.

Because ultimately that's what the universities will pay attention to. If you take away, or threaten to take away NCAA money, they will listen very carefully!

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