Thursday, March 26, 2009

Will Kentucky start a major spin of the Coaching Carousel?

Just as I am posting this, Billy Gillespie's call-in show is on live! Look for updates if there are any news coming out of that, and a recap of the latest current situation at A Sea of Blue.

Already, Pat Forde was throwing names left and right during "Cold Pizza" (First Take) on ESPN2 earlier today. Among the names thrown were Billy Donovan (who may be much more likely to listen after his next group failed to rise to the Noah/Horford/etc level), Izzo, Travis Ford and even Phelelhlelpephrey who is currently coaching at Arkansas.

Coaches everywhere can perhaps blame Rick Pitino for "ruining" the Kentucky job for everyone. With essentially three national championships in a row, Pitino created unrealistic and unattainable expectations for anyone else trying to follow him. Even Pitino himself has not been able to get anywhere near his former plateau.

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