Saturday, March 14, 2009

Florida State gets its dues!

No Lawson, lots of cry today for UNC, as Leonard Hamilton's defense and Toney Douglas managed to derail the UNC train from a 4th consecutive conference tournament title. The good news for UNC fans? The last time they got booted out in the semifinals of the conference tourney they won the national championship with the May, Felton and McCants team!

Florida State has lots of versatility, and they had had some good teams in the past under Leonard Hamilton, but they were just not lucky or able enough to put it all together. Perhaps a fully matured Toney Douglas is what his teams needed!

Hansbrough got very close to breaking JJ Reddick's record, but after today's loss, he will have to wait for the NCAA tournament. So whichever cupcake low-major they end up playing next week, they will be in the record books.

And it would be really a stretch for UNC to win. No Lawson, and Green going 1 from a baker's dozen is not exactly a recipe for victory.

One parting shot, Mike Patrick seems to be obsessed with "classy people". In the real-world, "classy" really means "pretentious" ;-)

And a bonus parting shot, ESPN flew Len Elmore out of the Big East tourney to the ACC tourney, so he would do one game, because Dookie Vitale is too big of a Diva to work two back to back games. Of course Vitale had first dibs, he had to do his lovely Dookies ;-)

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