Friday, March 27, 2009

The Stubborn Witch is gone?

Check A Sea of Blue! A variety of sources are pointing that Billy "Stubborn" Gillespie (lost right for correct spelling of his last name) is DONE at Kentucky and there is talk that there was a meeting between the (former) coach and the university leadership.

It has been widely reported in both the mainstream media and the blogs and forums that Gillespie rubbed a lot of people the wrong way at Lexington, from his strange game-day full-practices to disrespect for certain local traditions and such.

But ultimately, we think he failed on the court. A control freak style of play and sub-par recruiting and his inability to "scale" upwards to the level of the job were his downfall.

He was able to scale up from UTEP to Texas A&M, but the jump from A&M to Kentucky was just too big for him.

Next stop? Probably the next Texas job that opens up :)

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