Friday, March 27, 2009

Predictions for Saturday's Elite 8 games

So which two teams are going to punch their tickets to the Final Four? Here are our predictions, which guarantees that the opposite will happen ;-)

First up, the Missouri Tigers will drive the UConn Cheaters crazy, and make their first ever Final Four appearance under the run-and-gun regime of Mike Anderson. They are going to make Thabeet look like a lumbering giant as the Tigers will be running all over the place at full speed. If you are at that game, lock your laptops and your wives: UConn is coming to town!

Next up, Villanova will dismantle the Pitt Panthers, because unlike non-Big-East teams, they know what's coming when Pitt toughens things up in the second half. But Nova itself is tough, tough the right way, not tough as in fouling and beating up people, but tough as in playing tough and staying mentally tough when the going gets tough.

So, our predictions, Missouri and Villanova will punch their tickets to the Final Four on Saturday!


Carre said...

I hope you are right!

--From a Villanova alumn

ncaahoops said...

I hope I am right too! After dismantling and humiliating the Dookies, they DESERVE a trip to the Final Four!

And if they meet North Carolina, it is going to be PAYBACK for that questionable call in the 2005 loss in the tourney.

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