Friday, March 27, 2009

Villanova, you deserve a trip to the Final Four!

Great Job Villanova and Jay Wright! Great job Rollie for picking him as an assistant! Great job NCAA for putting Nova in Philly! In what promises to be a very dramatic in-state rivarly beat-down in the Elite 8, Villanova is just one win away from the Final Four. And having known and played Pitt in the past, they won't get surprised or shocked in the second half like most non-Big-East teams are.

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But this post is to CELEBRATE the HUMILIATION of the clueless DIRTY RAT! He was clearly outsmarted by Jay Wright, as if Casparov was playing chess against the average McDonalds employee.

Who in their right mind tries a three-forward line-up against Nova, including a lumbering seven-footer that doesn't even play against most teams? Three lumbering bigs against the mobile and agile and versatile Nova crew? How stupid was that? It was Coach-K-stupid!

Hey, floor-slappers, where was your defense last night?

Hey, Henderson, where was your NBA game last night?

Hey, three-point shooters, you couldn't even slap the floor last night!

Hey, McDonalds all-american team on the Duke bench, time to start filling in the transfer request forms!

Thank you Villanova!
Thank you Villanova and Jay Wright for such a wonderful gift to the world of college basketball last night! Thank you for exposing the Dookies for the fake spoiled brats that depend on favorite calls and NCAA and ACC favoritism in order to have "success"!

If you missed the game, you can watch it again and again at and also on your TV set with CSTV (CBS College Sports).

You can also enjoy Villanova's best moment so far, the official DVD of the 1985 National Championship between Nova and Georgetown.

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