Monday, March 23, 2009

Get your Sweet 16 and Elite 8 tickets!

The Sweet 16 is all set now, and is offering Sweet 16 Tickets and Elite 8 Tickets.

The Sweet 16 promises to have some fireworks, with some really hot match-ups, like the Dirty Dookies squaring off against the guard-heavy Villanova. This week we are big Villanova guards. Go Jay Wright! Go Scottie Reynolds! Go Corey Fisher, smash the smugness out of the Dookie Pukie faces!

Another interesting match-up, is the run-and-gun fests of Gonzaga vs North Carolina, Arizona vs Louisville, Missouri vs Memphis. The first one to 100 wins each one of these games :)

The biggest style conflict is likely to be the Jim Boeheim zone going up against the space-eater monster-jammer Blake Griffin.

And the most likely game to be a grinder, well, what else, Michigan State vs Kansas :)

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