Sunday, March 08, 2009

North Carolina sweeps Duke this season!

This was quite an interesting game. It felt like Duke's game plan was not to lose the game by more than single-digits. That certainly explains how they played, by taking very few chances and instead choosing to hold the ball and take time off the clock, and take their chances with their three-point percentages.

This strategy worked in the first half where they outplayed UNC, just like their first game at Cameron Oven Stadium. However, UNC started pulling away in the second half, but the Dookies simply refused to take chances and instead played the game so as not to lose, instead of playing to win.

That resulted in a close game that saved face for the Ratzilla, but the result was a stressful but relatively straight-forward North Carolina victory.

While the Duke defense made adjustments (read athletic and more talented Elliot Williams over pasty and fatty Greg Paulass) to Lawson, Lawson once again showed a killer instinct by making critical plays towards the end of the game to seal the victory for the TarHeels. And he certainly has a lot of decoys to use, from Hansbro to Ellington to Danny Green.

Tidbits and Factoids from the game
The "classy" Coach K was caught by the CBS cameras locking horns (literally) with one of the zebras. So classy, so ...Olympian!

Ol'Roy iced his own player by taking a time-out while Ty Lawson was in the middle of shooting two free throws.

Hansbrough managed to get his standing ovation by ...fouling out of the game in the last few seconds and exiting the game with just seconds left, thus sparing Ol'Roy the decision of whether to call a time-out and take him out and cause the anger of Ratzilla.

Top 4 most hated Dookies poll
1. Greg Paulass
2. Gerald Henderson
3. Kyle Singler
4. passive aggressive Scheyer

Transfer out of Duke now!
1. Elliot Williams
2. Nolan Smith

Duke vs North Carolina DVD sets
If you are really into this rivalry, there are two sets of college basketball DVDs you may find interesting. Each DVD set features three prominent victories of one team over the other. Each DVD is $19 and it includes three games, and has a total runtime of 540 minutes. Here are the details:

UNC beats Duke (Amazon, $19)
1. March 3, 1984 Chapel Hill, NC
2. February 5, 1992 Chapel Hill, NC
3. February 2, 1995 Durham, NC (double overtime)

Duke beats UNC (Amazon, $19)
1. February 3, 2000 Chapel Hill, NC (overtime)
2. February 5, 2004 Chapel Hill, NC (overtime)
3. February 9, 2005 Durham, NC

unc beats duke dvd setduke beats unc dvd set

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