Saturday, March 14, 2009

Selection Cmte Chair is clueless? There is no exhibition season?

If you needed further evidence why the current selection process is DISFUNCTIONAL, take a listen to the interview the current NCAA selection committee chairman gave to CBS during their Saturday TV coverage.

He said there is no exhibition season. Well, that was fine, except there is an exhibition season in college basketball.

Do we really need all these clueless athletic directors and other bureaucrats determining the fate of teams? No wonder some crappy decisions are made in the selection!

Fire all the bureaucrats, and instead create a poll pool of hardcore college basketball minds, and let them pick the best teams every year.

Whether you have the same people every year, or you have a pool of "basketball minds" that you pick from each year to create the selection cmte, it will be much much better than the current situation.

Hopefully this is something they are test-driving with the way the NIT selection process is handled!

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