Sunday, March 29, 2009

Strange comments by Billy Gillispie

This is really a strange cat, no wonder he doesn't like to talk to people about anything other than basketball. I watched some of the clips of the interview and it was rather bizarre. "I am the luckiest guy that has ever lived". While I understand this is a figure of speech, it was a very bizarre choice considering the current situation.

Not that we are experts on body language, but his hands were going crazy while he was saying "I'm the toughest guy on earth".

There must be a dark secret somewhere in his closet! Perhaps he is a member of a strange cult? ;-)

And who doesn't sign a contract in this day and age for a multi-million dollar transaction? It's not like he was baking cakes for the neighborhood. He was going into an 8-figure contract for crying out loud.

Anyways, he was a bad fit, glad he is gone, Kentucky must hire a coach who plays basketball the right way, not another slugfest control-freak. It's bad enough there's Ben Howland at UCLA, and because of his three back-to-back Final Fours it's not going to be easy to get rid of.

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