Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seth Curry to transfer to a real university that teaches science

After spending a season at the university of scientific neanderthals, Seth Curry, Stephen's Curry younger but still hot-shooting brother, will start learning about evolution and dinosaurs again :-)

He plans to escape the small-minded world of "liberty university", both words loosely-bound together, as he escapes an institution of religious extremism for a "real university".

We applaud his move, and we wonder why he went there in the first place.

It is time we started teaching people science, not religious-science. There is another course for that, it's called religion!

It will be interesting to see whether all 300+ division one head coaches go after him. Is there any team who can't use a shooter like him? The answer of course is a big no! Will the state of North Carolina have the upper hand? Will he go to Davidson? BCS? Non-BCS power-conferences?

Will he wait to see who bolts for the NBA for scholarship openings, or does his dad's past NBA career fund (verb) a non-scholarship year as long as he picks the right team for him?

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