Thursday, March 19, 2009

Respect the game - please move to six or more fouls

It is really sad to see some of the best players miss significant portions of a game because of silly fouls or bad calls or zebras guessing a call, instead of calling what actually happened.

But that's not the only problem with the five fouls. A big part of the problem is the coaches themselves. Being ultra-conservative and chicken-sh*t of taking a risk, most coaches yank out a player in the first half if he gets two fouls, and in the second half if he gets three fouls.

So, the five fouls are an issue, not just because of the number, but also because of the paranoid overreaction by most coaches.

Our suggestion is to increase to six fouls or more. Let the best players decide the game on the court, not the zebras decide who plays and who do(es)n't!

And if you are concerned about some stiff coming in and fouling like crazy, perhaps you can increase the penalty after let's say 7 or more fouls by the same person. That way, coaches will let their good players on the court, and take out the stiffs and thugs.

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