Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Watch Day #1 of the Big East Tourney live right now!

You can watch Day #1 of the Big East conference tournament live and for FREE at BigEast.com. Just click on the "Watch it live" button on their front page! There are two options, a small window inside your browser or full-screen. It is FREE!

Right now, Saint John's is beating Georgetown at the Garden, with 35 seconds remaining! Super-frosh Greg Monroe has already fouled out, and it looks like St Johns will piggy-back on DePaul's surprise win over Cincy and keep hope alive for a "G-Mac" five-day run to the NCAA tourney!

With fouls and time-outs, this game is likely to go on for a few minutes, until they ran out of fouls and timeouts :)

Update: St John's pulls the upset as they survive the free-throw line and the three-point attack of the Hoyas!

You can watch a replay of this and all the other games played, along with the women's game at BigEast.com!

Hello NIT and CBI
Two Big East teams have just said hello to the NIT and CBI selection committees and removed themselves from any serious consideration for the NCAA tournament. Both Georgetown and Cincinnati lost to lower seeded "patsies" St Johns and DePaul. And while at least Hoya fans can say "hey, it was the Red Storm's home court", Cincannati has no excuses, DePaul had lost 18 million games in a row! And perhaps kept their coach Jerry W. "un-fired" for an extra 24 hours :-)

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