Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rant: Mid-majors screwed by fugly Big10 teams

As we talked about over and over, the stupid idiots on the Selection committee were picking resumes based on numbers, which is why seven (7!) Big Ten teams made the field of 65, even though only four of them were really deserving consideration to be there.

And who paid the price for this selection? Who else, the mid-majors!

It looks like Patty Mills is back after all. FU NCAA selection committee! You are a bunch of retards! You are supposed to be the "experts" and have all the "inside information" in making your decisions. You are clearly clueless! You should all be fired and replaced by basketball people, not idiotic athletic directors and commissioners who don't even know that college hoops has an exhibition season.

Davidson looked good too, they beat an SEC bubble team on its own home court. Davidson should have been in over one of those three ugly Big Ten teams!

So, to summarize, and to put it mildly and politely,

F-U NCAA Selection Committee.
You are a bunch of idiotic BCS homers!


Brett said...

Maybe Davidson should have made it in over Clemson.

ncaahoops said...

It looks like Clemson, like Wisconsin, has a ceiling. They have a hard time beating teams that can win games in the NCAA tournament.

But when they play NIT teams and below, they can give them a good beating on a consistent basis.

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