Saturday, March 14, 2009

Please don't reward those ugly Big10 teams with an NCAA bid

This is a desperate plea to the NCAA Selection Committee! Please pick the best 34 college basketball teams, not the best 34 technocrat resumes. There is a quartet of Big Ten teams that are just ugly and they are an embarrassment to the game (to a certain extend) because of their slugfest style of play. Do not reward them for a mediocre resume and put them in the NCAA. Their RPI/SOS numbers are inflated because they beat up on each other in-conference. Do not reward them for making the game of basketball an ugly football-like slugfest. Do not reward them! Send the following four teams to the NIT/CBI instead:

1) Northwestern
2) Penn State (because 39-33 should never be a final score!)
3) Wisconsin (too much hype, too many wins in Madison, a team with a built-in ceiling)
4) Minnesota

Big Ten teams that do deserve serious consideration and likely a bid are Ohio State and Michigan. Michigan has scalps none of the other Big Ten "football teams" have: Duke and UCLA. Ohio State plays good basketball when they are allowed to play it (eg when not facing most of the other Big Ten teams).

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