Friday, March 13, 2009

Draft Doris Burke as a CBS March Madness analyst

It is time CBS diversified their March Madness analysts. Enough of the "Billy Parker" clones and approved drones, and time to refresh their line-up of college basketball analysts.

One great addition would be Doris Burke, a great basketball analyst, who quite frequently was able to provide more basketball analysis in 30-second sound-bites as a sideline reporter than Dick Vitale during a whole game.

So, CBS, time to diversify, and draft Doris Burke as one of the March Madness analysts!

Other analysts that should be added to the rotation:
1. Marques Johnson of FSN for the West-coast region amd/or teams
2. Bob Knight
3. Rick Majerus

Analysts that should be dropped immediately:
1. Bob Wenzel (an idiot, W-style)
2. Jay Spinarkel and Ion Eagle - they should be doing division 2 - they make the most exciting games sound boring
3. Dan Bonner - boring

Play by play guy that needs to be dropped:
1. Tim Brando - a total idiot

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