Sunday, March 29, 2009

North Carolina wins a game with defense (?!?!?!) but almost has a Georgetown moment again

It was the 2007 Elite 8 when North Carolina was supposed to be going to the Final Four, and they were up 10 on Georgetown in the Elite 8, with just minutes left. But UNC had one of their patented meltdowns and Georgetown managed to get to the Final Four.

A similar thing happened today, later in the second half when UNC had their patented meltdown, but this type they were able to stem the tide and cautiously coast to Detroit.

But biggest shocker however was how UNC won the game. In the first half, it was defense and more defense. Defense from UNC even with Hansbro in early foul trouble? Oh my!

In the second half, UNC seemed to be happy with Griffin scoring on the inside so that Lawson would run it back on offense and cancel out the just-scored bucket with a two, or an outside three. A more "traditional" UNC approach to defense :)

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