Friday, March 13, 2009

Poor Virginia Tech, history repeating

Ouch for the Hokies fans. We hope the Selection Committee takes into account the fact that they unfairly snubbed VaTech last year when they evaluate the bubble teams and put some other "designer" slugfest team from the Big10 instead of the deserving Virginia Tech.

They played like an NCAA tourney team, they fought UNC to the last 5 seconds, and once again, they were defeated by Psycho-T, this time both on defense with a stop and on the free throw line.

Despite the absence of Ty Lawson, UNC managed to squeak a tough win against the desperate for a "W" Hokies. Even with Lawson, the Hokies match up real well with UNC and give them headaches, so when factoring that in, it makes the UNC victory better than one might think just by looking at the records and the polls.

This game was more evidence why UNC needs Marcus Ginyard, because neither Green nor Ellington were able to limit (let alone shutdown) scoring machine AD Vassalo. And a series of events led to Justin Watts seeing a few minutes of play, a player that was buried in the rotation behind Ellington, Green, Ginyard, and Graves!

We close by saying that Virginia Tech deserves to be one of the at-large teams and it should certainly be picked ahead of those ugly Big-10 teams whose only claim to fame is beating up on each other on 39-38 final scores.

If you are to pick the best 34 teams, Virginia Tech depends to be in the field of 65.

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