Sunday, March 15, 2009

What we want to see in the Field of 65 (bust these brackets!)

As we take a quick look at the latest Joe Lunardi brackets, we notice a number of ugly teams in the field of 65, including Wisconsin, Creighton, and Minnesota.

But at least the chief bracketologist at ESPN has some deserving basketball teams in as at-large as well:
+ Maryland (Fear "The Gary!")
+ Saint Mary's
+ Michigan

And how the "f" can you put Illinois at a #6 seed or the crappy and overrated Michigan State a #2 seed? Seriously? Is ESPN paying the big bucks to all those analysts to "parrot" everything? :)

We think that these teams should be in because of the "eye test", the "basketball factor" if you must, instead of a sea of Big Ten mediocrity:
+ Arizona
+ Virginia Tech
+ Davidson (because everyone wants to watch Stephen Curry)

As we mentioned earlier, the way teams are selected needs to be revised, and revised quickly. I know the NCAA is frozen in evolution and it takes forever to make even the most common sense changes, but it's time to say "ENOUGH" and stop putting in crappy basketball teams just because their math department is good enough to get them a schedule with a good RPI/SOS. Give the math departments an award, but don't put the teams in the NCAA tourney!

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