Friday, March 13, 2009

Holy cow, that was the game of the year

You know it when you watch it. Just like the Maui invitational of a couple of years ago with the Ammo heroics, the six overtime marathon of UConn and Syracuse is etched in history. Already, ESPN has shown the game on ESPN Classic and it is currently airing on ESPNU as we speak.

This was an amazing game, how did all the players managed to keep going after six overtimes with very little rest? Unlike a regular 40-minute game with 2-minute time-outs every four-minutes, there were fewer and shorter time-outs in-between the overtimes.

Ultimately the Flynnstones managed to win the sixth overtime on ...points and go home with a big win for the ages.

Once again, Syracuse and the Big East tournament means drama, excitement and heroics!

Syracuse of course almost won the game at regulation when Devendork made a clutch three pointers that was milliseconds away from actually counting.

Devendork also showed why he has such a bad reputation, from thug-fouls to jumping on tables like Conan the Barbarian!

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