Sunday, March 01, 2009

Marquette at Louisville

Life is not fair! A coaching change and the NBA sirens could not break the band, but unfortunately an injury broke the band, and the James Matthews McNeal Band will not be able to finish their careers together, as Dominic James is out for the season.

And bravely they fought and they were oh-so-close to stealing this game. Stealing the game they could, partially because Louisville was unable to capitalize on their size and depth.

Pitino is still paying for his Sebastian Telfair gamble, because as an over-reaction to Telfair, he picked Edgar Sosa and decided to stick with him for four years, instead of bringing in a new point guard.

Both Earl Clark and T-Will are very gifted basketball players, however Earl Clark needs to reign in his wild three-point shooting. Wild because they rarely go in and they bounce all over the place.

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